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Mount Litera Zee School (Contai)

A cordial welcome to the world of Mount Litera Zee School. This school is a crucial role player in case of delivering world-class education to build secure future of each student. The school is a part of Zee Education that started its journey in 1994 as an indispensable unit of Zee Tele Films LTD. ZILS or Zee Interactive Learning System, established in 1999, is a certified contributor of education. It created the notion for spreading multiple platforms to edify a great many pupils through various advanced learning methods.

Basically, the breakthrough involved specified pre-schooling and the main zeal was to extend it. Gradually, in 2006, Mount Litera Zee School was able to reach that level under Zee Learn. The basic concept was not just promoting a platform for high school students but a...

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Notice Board

  • Admission Notice

    Admission Is going on for session 2017-18. Forms and Prospectus are being given from school’s office within office hours.

    For any query, call us at +91-3220-288510

Computer Lab

Mount Litera Zee School is well equipped with multiple technology based learning facilities. There are numerous computers along with a computer lab. Technical knowledge is utterly necessary for having complete...

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World Class Library

A library is a collection of different books, which are prior to obtain complete knowledge. Reading between the lines of various books make people utterly knowledgeable. We have also brought...

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Language Lab

Language learning is of huge significance as every language is the key factor of the cognitive process. Every individual acquires all about the mother tongue without any effort but in...

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Science Lab

Sometimes, theories are not enough to get into the subject matter. Practical knowledge may help the pupils to possess complete apprehension about a particular subject or discipline like science. Science...

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Medical Unit

We have a ultra modern medical unit in our school for our students. The mobile unit is outfitted with new equipment's and staffed by highly trained professionals. We visit each and...

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Mount Litera Zee School looks after the comfort and flexibility of each and every pupil. We cater to the needs of all our students so that they can fly high...

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Mount Litera Zee School aims at all over advancement of a student. Hence, we provide numberless facilities so that the mental and physical health of the students can be developed...

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Digital ClassRoom

Students should be taught in a way, which can inspire them to learn with whole heart. Studying or learning should never be boring in accordance with them. To motivate them,...

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Swimming Pool

Our School swimming pool is in use throughout the day and remains open in the evenings and on Saturdays for use.  Our pool is open for early morning swimming sessions (subject...

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